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  • The maths packs are aimed at 7-9 year olds (working three digit numbers 0-1000) but could be adapted for other ages depending on their maths confidence/ability.

The pack includes games, activity ideas, worksheets and printable resources.

Maths areas covered include: NUMBER BONDS, TELLING TIME and COLOUR-BY-NUMBERS adding/subtracting and TIMESTABLES PRACTICE.

This pack would be a good resource if you have little ones at home that want/need some extra maths learning, enjoy maths or if you’re looking for a mixture of activities for independent and supported learning time.

There are over 20 pages in the pack (some pictured) including parent explanation pages for each section.


  • Flashcards for the 3 and 4 times tables. Aimed at children around Year 3 and inlcudes 2 sets of printable cards to support multiplcation knowlegde. There are over 10 sheets included with a list of lots of differnt activity and games ideas to get hours of use out of the cards as well as a few little teacher tips!


(Maths skills in this pack are based mainly around the National Curriculum for Year3-4 pupils)

7-9yrs maths & tables cards

£21.50 Regular Price
£13.33Sale Price
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