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Writing activity packs include:
- TWO fun, focused writing activity sheets (1. spaceship 2. big bad wolf)
- TWO writing support sheets for the child to use
- Bonus craft activity suggestions linked to each piece of writing
- Plus --> FREE indoor and outdoor scavenger hunts!

NB: Created using UK National Curriculum and my personal teaching experience. I designed this pack with BOYS in mind, but is suitable for all who may enjoy it! Not all of pages are featured in main photos – five printable sheets in total are included.

Boys (Age 5-7 years) Writing

  • These packs aim to encourage children to write at home - in a fun and relaxed manner. They are tailored to school learning objectives. Depending on how they are used (and the child), packs could be spread over several evenings or weekend activity sessions! One less thing for you to worry about…Some activities could be done independently, whilst others lend themselves to a nice little family activity!

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