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This maths pack is designed to help support a better understanding of U.K. money and coins. It was created with 5-7 year olds in mind (based loosely around the KS1 maths curriculum) but could be adapted to other ages/abilities.

It encourages recognising, ordering, sorting and adding/subtracting coins. It includes over 12 printable sheets:

  • Printable coins
  • Coin cards
  • Purse totals
  • Find four ways
  • Coin ordering
  • 1p or 10 more/less
  • How much more?
  • Blank activity templates – allowing you to continue the money fun after completing the activities in the pack!


(Please note: the KS1 and KS2 packs both include some similar activities, but with different quantities and challenges)

KS1 coins pack

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