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This Minibeast Activity Pack was designed with 4-8 year olds in mind, but could be adapted to other ages or used as a family activity pack. The pack encourages learning about insects using pictures, writing prompts, colouring and crafts.

There are over 15 printable sheets including:

¨ Scavenger hunts

¨ Minibeast hunt

¨ Minibeast sentence cards

¨ Life cycles

¨ Minibeast fact pages

¨ Minibeast writing prompts

¨ Butterfly colouring challenges

¨ Minibeast craft ideas

...and more!

There is a suggested scientific vocabulary list for you to use with children to encourage their scientific understanding and knowledge about animals/insects.

Minibeast pack

£8.50 Regular Price
£5.95Sale Price
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