Spring cut & colour pack is aimed at 3 years and over (with age-appropriate scissors and colouring pencils/pens or paints) and has over 10 printable sheets. The sheets all focus on SPRING, cutting or colouring.

Spring activity pack is full of a variety of activities aimed to support learning about and enjoying different aspects of SPRING! It is suitable for 4-11 year olds as it includes "activity extension" boxes tailored to add an extra challenge onto some of the activities.

Minibeast Activity Pack was designed with 4-8 year olds in mind, but could be adapted to other ages or used as a family activity pack. The pack encourages learning about insects using pictures, writing prompts, colouring and crafts.

There are over 15 printable sheets.

(TOTAL -> 50 pages)

Nature bundle (3-8yrs)

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